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Howay man!

The Howay web site is hopeless. One of these bloody trendy responsive sites where the letters are three inches tall and unreadable as the eye has to scale each character one by one...

One thing that I couldn't find in the review or on the site concerns the second SIM. I have one of these dual SIMs in my WhineyFox and in areas where there's not good signal strength (i.e. where folk are blessed by no street lights) the second card is useless.

What's the story with the second SIM on this phone? Does it work in the Real World or do I have to be sitting rubbing shoulders with some twonk with a pork pie hat and beard, drinking a PratteLatte in a metrosexual built up area?

Yours slightly riled up because techical reviews don't seem to be as technical as they used to.

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