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Yet another large "phone"

Is there any company that makes smaller phones? I know that Apple has the SE but I'm not going to pay their asking price for a phone that has a bunch of features missing. It was bad enough when they had the two sizes and the plus version had a couple of extras. Now they bring out the SE halfway through the normal cycle (which they didn't this year) and it's missing the big features altogether. For the most part it just has things like the processor upgrade.

Bring out the phone in the three sizes and have all three equal except for the screen size. And f*ck off about making them thinner all of the time. Nobody is screaming about wanting them thinner. How about making them a bit thicker for once and put some more battery back in? Apple has acknowledged the problem since it's selling external battery packs. If people are willing to put that ugly thing on their phone then they would be more than willing to have a phone that's a bit thicker.

Yes, I do like my Apple stuff. I used to be a fan but Apple's products have been going downhill since Jobs passed away. And I have (I didn't want to put the pun in with the contraction) never been afraid of calling them out, as you can see. Their stuff has usually worked but it's getting less user friendly. If something better came along I would switch.

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