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Because you are running custom software that's incredibly picky about OS versions[1] and patches? Because you don't have anyone that knows about WSUS or SCCM? Becuase your CxO doesn't give you any budget for anything other than getting their team the latest and greatest and certainly not for wasting time fiddling about with servers?

All of those are valid explanations why an individual techie working at an afflicted organization might not have applied the fix that would have prevented this.

None of them are valid explanations as to why an organization allows their technology to be so poorly maintained. None of them explain why CTOs across the country are not getting canned for failing to ensure business continuity.

I've no problem with people getting paid big money for CxO roles, but together with the money comes the responsibility; if you are the CTO of a hospital trust, and your policies on patching desktops led to surgeries getting cancelled, you should be cancelled.

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