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Harman Mogul

Wi-fi, a hostile environment for vinyl

If you have a large collection of vinyls, it's too much of a fag to convert them to any other format, so the only game is to keep on with the turntable. But it co-exists poorly with wi-fi.

I was expecting great things from my LP12 after it was rebuilt by Peter Swain at Cymbiosis, and so it proved. But the fly in the ointment is the wi-fi signal floating about, which induces a quite audible burbling in the low-output moving-coil cartridge. This is a bloody nuisance in quiet passages.

(I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has experienced this.)

In the event, the solution is very easy. Turn off the wireless router and pay full attention to the music rather than fiddling about with digital gadgets. There's nothing like listening carefully for enhancing one's pleasure in music. This does pre-suppose that the music played is worth listening to.

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