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128MB? You were lucky. My first mp3 player was a #100 MPMan F20. It had 32MB but could be expanded with SmartMedia* to 64MB. I think I encoded at 64kb/s to fit albums on it. Also it had horribly slow copying via parallel port..

But I _loved_ that thing and it was obvious that mp3 players (remember that they were called mp3 players?) were the future. It was small and light (the AA battery seemed to be half the weight), it had great battery life with just 1 AA, and you didn't have to worry about skipping (remember CD players boasting of their seconds of electronic skip protection?).

When I got the SmartMedia I was able to fit The Wall on it. Oh, except ABITW Part 2 and Young Lust, but they're no loss anyway.

As for vinyl, we lived in a house where heavy treading on the first floor could mean scratches or skips on an old record player. And my dad's News of the World had a scratch in We Will Rock You that meant Freddie sang about mud on your ... big disgrace. When I eventually got my own copy it took a while to get used to it not skipping.

I don't miss vinyl. Or cassette. Or CD.

* SmartMedia was cheaper than flash at the time, but hit a capacity wall at 128MB while flash just kept getting better.

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