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"I listen to music not to hear the music, but to be reminded of all the events surrounding the soundtrack of my life. The way my brain has encoded those engrams doesn't give a monkey's if it's MP3, vinyl, C90 super-chrome, Dolby(tm) compressed, Dolby B, C, SR, HX, AAC, FLAC or The Royal Philharmonic live."

As a student and involved in audio for the college theatre, I was appalled to be with a group of musicians listening to a dreadful, crackly vinyl disc on a crap portable record player with a 3 inch loudspeaker and a needle which, I suspect, had at one time been used for sewing blankets. Because they couldn't hear anything wrong with it.

At that point I realised that musicians - as distinct from audiophiles - really do listen to the music in their heads. Later when I read Pratchett I realised he was quite right.

Perhaps recording quality is something that engineers obsess over and nobody else does. (Audiophilia, on the other hand, I consider to be trespassing a little on OCD territory.)

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