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Bye bye MP3: You sucked the life out of music. But vinyl is just as warped

Floydian Slip

Loved vinyl "back in the day" - that'd be the 70's and 80's. Had a well set up tape deck because I couldn't play my 12" in the car (took too long to get it out of the sleeve probably) and then had an early Walkman and several other portable tape devices.

Migrated to MP3 as soon as I discovered the beauty of downloads and bough a HDD MP3 player Archos and wired it up to my car. Stuck with MP3 and CD until we made a domestic decision to bring in the vinyl collection from the garage and bought a 2nd hand device (much better than a Crosley) and ran it until it packed up.

Upgraded and upgraded again until I will admit to having a nice set up. With care (playing records with the lid closed) and an occasional wipe with a suitable cleaner the sound is free of clicks, scratches and other imperfections and modern disks use a high quality vinyl which sounds almost as good as a CD.

Mind you, due to too many concerts, I've lost quite a bit of top end listening ability and have annoying tinnitus 100% of the time so I may not be the best judge.

I do love the "sense of occasion" though - the art work, sleeve notes and the routine but stream from a variety of sources when I just want some music.

OK, I'll get my (vinyl) anorak

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