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All those audio shades of light and dark, quiet passages, etc have been replaced by a single constant level of audio volume throughout

And it's particularly jarring when I'm listening to my music collection - the old stuff (Genesis, Yes, Camel, some of the classical stuff) is all mastered at lower apparent volume than the newer stuff. So, on shuffle, I'm either deafened or I can't hear the music properly.

Buying and playing gramophone records in the 1970s was a pain in the arse because the quality of the discs was utter pants.

I was told (by someone in the business) that different grades of vinyl were used. Classical music tended to use the more durable grades because (generally) classical music buff wanted a better sound and more durable records. Rock got the middle grade (annoyingly, even prog rock) and pop got the softest grade - on the basis that no-one would want to listen to it after 6 months and it was probably stretching a bit far to get that lifespan.

Vinyl might seem cool now but at the time, it was all about having to wipe the grooves clean with surgical care, regularly replacing needles

Two of the many, many reasons why I hated vinyl. I eventually got the habit of recording the album to tape (with the best quality tape I could get) and then only ever playing the vinyl again if that tape died and I had to re-record it.

Which is why all my old vinyl is probably in really good condition - assuming that it hasn't warped in storage that is (another really annoying thing about vinyl).

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