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Bye bye MP3: You sucked the life out of music. But vinyl is just as warped

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"only to watch his grandson pop a smartphone into a glass tumbler in the kitchen"

My parents used to reminisce about putting their family crystal set headphones in a tin bucket as an amplifier.

When transistor radios came out - what was missing was the bass range. Pre-war valve radio sets often had a big speaker in a solid wooden cabinet. You hear the effect on any programme that includes a snatch of "This is the Home Service".

Nowadays if I want to listen to my CDs properly I shun the many mini-audio systems in the house - and retire to the lounge. The Ditton 10 speakers cost me £10 - most of my first week's wage packet - and they were second hand too.

The rest of the hi-fi system components over the years have long been discarded - Garrard 2025, Garrard SP25. Recently bought a Garrard AP76 to transcribe a few LPs that have never re-appeared on later media. It is disappointing that the arm skids on the most extreme dynamic range track on the audio test record - do I expect too much?

One of the rare LPs came with a CD transcription that has a single "click" - there may be a case for removing it with software.

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