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Lee Zwager

Listening to Vinyl is a bit like eating at a posh restaurant

You don't need to eat at a posh restaurant - you can have beans on toast or spaghetti bolognese at home and functionally, you are fed.

However, if you go to a nice restaurant, you take the time to look the part, go there, eat the best food and make an occasion of it.

Part of the vinyl experience is the fact that you are taking more time to engage with it. You only bought the best music on vinyl, as anything else is wasting space. Like eating out, you are devoting yourself to the experience, rather than having it on in the background. You can even physically see how the music is happening.

This changes your self and attitude, so that you appreciate the music more (I doubt it's all the reasons audiophiles give).

Why would you want to "change your self and attitude" you ask? well, if you're asking that, then you don't need to listen to music anyway.

Why vinyl? The same reason you occasionally eat out, buy a BMW instead of a Kia.

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