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What about abuse of fair use?

One thing that people are missing is that there *are* circumstances where posting of copyrighted material is permissible: the "Fair Use" exemptions. You (for some value of you) may not like them, and you (for some other value of you) may disagree whether apply in a given circumstance, but who, precisely, get's to decide if the posting of something, say, unflattering _for the purposes of editorial content_ falls into one side or the other?

Consider, for example, a written work created by someone (say, a "letter"), that is then published on a website in order to show that the author was a bit of a plonker. The publishing is clearly in breach of the author's simple copyright. But it's also (likely) fair use. If the argument (that a moderator has a duty to enforce copyright) prevails, then there will be a chilling effect, as anyone issuing threats (legal or otherwise) simply has to slap a "(C) A Litigious Bastard" statement on each page, and they're shielded from their actions...

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