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Oddly, Microsoft sent out a patch for XP.

Good idea, as this rubish code belongs in a rubbish tip, not a fucking operating system. And to be honest, this shit code likely has existed since the US DoD bought the NT4 source code.

Blaming the NSA for doing what defense organizations do is idiotic, as they didn't write the shit code, Microsoft did and gave all six major vulnerabilities a free pass, for decades!

Do research how long the SMB1 stack has existed.

Hint: SMB1 is nearly as old as our children, who are in their mid-30's. It's nearly 30 years old.

We have one thing that's over 30, other than our children, our wedding bands. Everything else was either lost, destroyed in a move or damaged beyond repair in moving or normal life.

Or do we also need to get netbui fixed as well?

Yeah, I'm *that* old and a bit older.

Hint, the Queen of England sat 9 years on her throne before I was born, but my earliest memory, beyond a diaper pin jab, when I wriggled and understood what mom was warning me of, was JFK being shot to death.

This is a case of one complaining of a Model T Ford not running worth a damn on modern gasoline and worse, the valves hammering themselves to death.

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