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On a side-note, I was told, during an interview without coffee in 2001, that computers were the only way forward in General Practice.

Personally, I can maintain eye contact with a patient, and make far more detailed hand-written notes than is possible when sitting with a screen in front of me; I wear my watch on my right wrist in order to be able to note the time whilst writing, rather than on my left which demonstrates the time-keeping.

My concerns regarding the not infrequent network failures were pushed aside, back-up was something that might be occurring, and password sharing was common amongst staff.

Consultations recorded on computers, generally (and I've reviewed tens of thousands), cut corners, lack detail, and offer little protection to medico-legal challenge.

The grey suited spectre from the Department of Health was singularly unimpressed when I enquired about long-term work force planning given the numbers of ageing general practitioners, and the increasing number of part-time and female partners.

I left general practice shortly afterwards and undertook another, expensive, four year training programme.

Work was far more satisfying, but I still had 'managers' who were far less qualified than I was who insisted on telling me how to run my service to the point of bullying, harassment and false reporting.

The conflict within the NHS is a workforce that, typically, knows what they are doing (in a grossly underfunded service), and a management that is self-promoting, and does not listen to the concerns of their own staff.

Add in the duplicity of the government, and the conspicuous absence of the Secretary of State for Health, and you have a system teetering on the verge of collapse.

I might suggest private health insurance but you're going to get fleeced by the companies concerned.

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