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UK hospital meltdown after ransomware worm uses NSA vuln to raid IT


Let's hope that if/when the NHS does upgrade their IT systems then it's not with any MS operating system, primarily because there's nothing in Win10 to stop all this from happening again when some future forced update breaks key functionality and/or associated medical equipment needed to run hospitals. Not that the data slurping would allow many/most organisations and businesses to adopt Win10 in any case.

Neither should the NHS or other government departments/vital services consider purchasing any future vital equipment (e.g. NHS scanners) that relies on MS software in order to prevent a repeat of this dangerous situation.

Perhaps in future the NHS could set up a new hardware/software platform that is not subject to commercial pressures of forced obsolescence for profit. Their own Linux distro perhaps? Adding any new custom code they require needn't be expensive when shared out between all the NHS and potentially all UK government departments. All built atop some chip/architecture with multiple vendors to avoid any future problems that may arise. All vendors wanting to participate must agree to support whatever they contribute for a very long period of time e.g. several decades minimum. I don't think we can afford not to take control of our important IT, the likes of MS have proved they are not up to the task.

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