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UK hospital meltdown after ransomware worm uses NSA vuln to raid IT

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He sees it all the time....

Following is from a disgruntled friend about to retire: And thenhe's gonna provide Bitcoin services/knowledge to people who have never heard of bitcoin, but suddenly need it for some strange reason.. ;-)


Executives, and in this case Doctors (remember XXXXXs), are the reason IT backs down and drops their pants and leaves the door ajar for hackers. I see it all the time here at work. Screaming executives demand their f’n new toy or phone gets 100% access on our network NOW before their big meeting (or just before you get fired), or even board members cry to IT directors, who then order guys like me to “open er up”. We have no real power in IT.

The Russians KGB types now type all documents on typewriters, and lock them up in real vaults. In security circles in the USSR, nothing is on a computer.

So when Putin screams in your face, you open the vault, not the network firewall or switch ACLs. Then you’re poisoned or shot.

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