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A backup is a start and will help you recover a few user docs that have aged a little, but if you believe that will save you from any issues you are clueless.

Roll back your DB to your last backup 24hours ago, or 5 hours ago or even 5 minutes ago and for some people you may as well not have a backup at all unless there is also systems in place to recover the data from then until a few seconds ago.

If you think the issues being experienced today by the NHS could be solved just by putting last night's backup tape in and everything will be back to normal, why not go and knock on their door they would love to hear from you - similar to all the other organisations which may or may not be having a similar nightmare day today. You'll earn a fortune as a consultant.

In fact why not hire yourself out as a consultant and guarantee that any company who hires you will never get into any serious trouble as you'll install a backup system for them. You better have a pretty good insurance policy backing you up on your claims though.

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