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I'm curious, genuinely curious, how may people in this age of webmail and smart phones are still using Thunderbird

I do, as it creates a consistent experience across all the operating systems I work with (although I have pretty much abandoned Windows by now). The issue with webmail is threefold:

1 - tracking. Webmail means browser means the usual game of blocking tracking attempts and other crap. I don't like having to keep a browser open at the best of times.

2 - online only. I travel a lot, and you don't have an offline capability with webmail.

3 - security. Webmail means yet another gateway into my mailbox. I already have the usual TLS protected SMTP and IMAP going, I don't want to add another route to it via a mechanism that adds quite a lot of code and complexity that I have to keep secure. Besides, SMTP and IMAP is enough to keep things in sync across all my devices, no need to make it more complicated.

I know webmail works for some people, but I was using email long before the Internet was set up, and I still prefer offline use.

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