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so here's my primary "beef":

we are a public service Agency that has been in operation for nearly a century.

None of the companies offering "cloud based services" have even been in existence for half that, and none have offered or maintained any of these services for a tenth of that.

Very few companies, if any, have survived that long and maintained the same business services. the IBM of today is not the IBM of its inception, nor the IBM of even a decade ago.

So sure we need to adapt to new technologies for efficiency reasons, but making fundamental core business processes 100% dependent on exterior private corporations with less than 5 years actual deployment of those services? Or in some cases companies that are straight out of the Startup Incubator? Where if those services become unavailable the time and resources needed to restore or transfer functionality to some other provider are WEEKS and $million$ in which vulnerable populations are completely screwed?

At least with internal email, when things stopped, we could find admins to blame. When the "cloud service" company goes out of business, disappears and its offices are empty, we can lay blame but we can't restart their servers and provide services to clients.

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