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Hello Lars, the question is: "who determines how much is too much salt?"

"As for salt, it's certainly easier to add it to your hearts delight than trying to delete it."
Keeping salt out of your diet is easy peasy. Just eat real food instead of food-like substances.

Warning: Campbell's Pea & Ham Soup may contain traces of ham! The Pompous Git's pea and ham soup contains lotsa ham so it doesn't need added salt :-)

Low calciferol levels are a problem even here in sunny Australia. The nanny do-gooders determined that sunlight was bad for you so there was a concerted government-funded campaign to get as many people as possible wearing hats and sunscreen.

"Around one third of Tasmanian adolescents and adults are vitamin D deficient (<50 nmol/L) in summer and up to two thirds are deficient in winter and spring (van der Mei et al., 2012). "

Oddly enough, The Git is calciferol-deficient even though he's a very keen vegetable gardeners. So he supplements with 1,000 IU per day in summer and twice that in winter. The idea of adding any cod liver oil to food alarms me! Yeeeuchh!

PS. Scissors? That went right over my head I'm afraid.

PPS. Anchovies, fish sauce, oyster sauce, fermented black beans... Way to go...

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