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Fucking stupid stuff

About the EPICENTER.

"EPICENTERNTER, the European Policy Information Center, is an independent initiative of six leading think tanks from across the European Union".

It does not represent the EU in anyway, a "leading think tanks" what ever that means.

I feel I will vividly defend both the UK and Finland on this.

How the hell will excessive use of salt and sugar pushed by food manufacturers increase anybodies freedom.

Too much salt is not good for you and I wonder why it has been so difficult to persuade manufacturers to use less. Is it all about preserving food for longer. Salt was successfully used in wooden ships to keep them sound.

Sugar, if adding sugar to milk, like in the USA, is about freedom then keep it and the obesity.

How the hell does this relate to "everyday relaxation activities".

Tobacco, oh well, look at a "much alike" me in that age here at: 32:50

Those were the days, If we managed to find some old ladies expressing their informed views then the moment was perfect.

I am happy my kids and grand kids don't smoke. As a kid walking to school we used to stop by a shop and buy one, and on good days even several fags for the day, that was allowed then.

If my nanny state tries to make it more difficult then I am all for it.

Alcohol, well here I come again.

The Nordic countries joined the USA in greatly increasing the use of everyday relaxation activities by laws meant not to. Very nice times I have been told.

Finland has still not fully recovered. It's like one Finnish president said - "it's not the speed, it's the direction that matters".

I have, at times, found that thought reassuring searching for home under the influence.

Anyway if you are looking for the best no-nanny vacation, try say Mogadishu.

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