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Ha ha that's funny

Especially since the government & advertisers know for a fact that people pretty much cannot think for themselves.

This is the whole advertising game, you don't waste time & effort trying to convince people to buy smokes/drinks, you merely show images of people enjoying whatever poison you peddle (literally: poison) and let "freely thinking" people do the work for you.

Next thing you know, the addicts are doing the recruiting. For free!

Two nasty things about big tobacco, from top-of-head:

1. You can sue them for damages, and you can win billion$ or hundreds of million$ in damages, but they will never pay you. They will appeal and appeal and appeal until the day you die.

2. They advertise the hell out of the third world. They advertise the hell out of third world children. They go wherever the regulations are not - they have to, in order to survive.

Just because it's legalized, doesn't mean it isn't pure evil in its heart, and that's not bombast, that's a sober true fact (ha ha, "sober").

Elbow's up, lads! That's an order :)

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