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"Not heard of change control?"

Change control: the act of trying to wrestle reality into being what you decided it should be two years ago, instead of evolving and adapting to reality as it is now.

"From my experience, the primary difference between Agile and waterfall is in the contracted deliverables and the ownership of risk. With waterfall, I the supplier commit to delivering a complete system that satisfies the requirements within a defined timeframe. With Agile, I the supplier commit to delivering some functionality through a number of development iterations within a time period."

You are comparing apples and oranges. The waterfall situation you describe is about delivering a defined outcome. The agile situation you describe is just T&M delivery of services, not delivery of a defined outcome. Agile can be used for both, but agile has a far better chance of delivering to expectations because of far better risk management abilities - unless, of course, management only pay lip service to agile without actually being agile.

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