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"The whole point of Agile is to deliver small amounts of work on a very regular basis"

My experience is that there's a fairly substantial minimum of work that must be delivered to be of any use at all. If your first delivery is, say, a simple order entry screen and a database behind it there's no use anyone entering any data because there's no way of using it because the warehouse needs to be able to get its instructions from the system.

And if the next delivery is to print a despatch note it's still no use. Maybe the third delivery will be a picking list print so it's usable.

Then when the invoicing is added someone realises that the data collected is inadequate. Then go back to the beginning, revise the database and order entry.

A few iterations of this nonsense and you get confronted with an angry DBA who wants to know why you have to keep buggering about with database reorgs and can't you get a simple thing like designing a database right the first time.

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