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"Pulling the app from the App Store wouldn't make it stop working on everyone's phone, it would simply stop updates and prevent new installs of the app."

Just saying: Apple _can_ remove an app from your phone. I don't know whether they have ever done it. I'm sure (and I hope) they would do it if an app was so dangerous to your financial health that removing it without your permission is better than leaving it there. If Uber fit into that category, it would have disappeared from your phone; apparently it didn't.

PS. "Prevents new installs of the app" includes installs while restoring a backup of your phone. When you backup your iPhone, apps are not actually backed up, only a note that the app was installed, since obviously it can be restored from the app store when needed. So the app wouldn't be there if you bought a new phone and restored everything from your old phone.

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