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Virgin Media scales back Project Lightning target in first quarter results


My superhub(s) - all 3 of them - kept disconnecting (logs showed an upstream connection issue), rebooting would "fix" the issue, phoning up and going through the same repeated script, which would involve rebooting the superhub and great lines such as "I can guarantee you that your issue has been 100% fixed in this instance" after phoning up a third time on the same evening. Contacted trading standards and under their advice cancelled direct debit and wrote a letter stating I refused to pay anything until they provided the service I was paying for (by resolving the repeated issue). A week later and an engineer had been round, noted the error messages on the router, identified excess noise on our street, replaced cable. Following day after I got the first day in a long time without a disconnect, I cancelled my contract and told them I was not paying for the noticed period as compensation for the time I had spent and went to Sky.

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