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Trust me AC, I used to get all the advertised bandwidth all the time and respond in a similar way to how you did - going back to original 1Mbps broadband days with NTL.

I was one of the first UK customers on 50meg and got it every second of the day. Same with upgrades to 60, 100 and 152. I even got all the 200Mbps all the time at first, but then they gave all other customers a "free" upgrade which presumably tipped the balance over on available bandwidth and they just couldn't deliver.

Now we struggle to watch a sinlge iPlayer stream at dinner time without interruption.

Like I tell everybody, VM is great when it works but when it doesn't they're the worst. Tech support waste hours of your life requesting modem reboots and blaming Wi-Fi for problems on a gigabit wired link.

They make you pay for big download speeds in order to get a reasonable upload speed, and then don't even deliver the speed anyway.

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