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Re: I must be missing something... Allow me to FTFY, AC

Has social networking become so powerful that people worry only about big brother knowing what they write, … ….Anonymous Coward

The reality, both practical and virtual, AC, is that social media networking is so powerful that Big Brothers are terrified and terrorising and losing command and control with their pimping and pumping of austere narratives steeped in madness and mayhem which intelligence, in both public and private and secret services cannot support and/or justify. It provides a beautifully slippery slope down which all who are deserving of rightful scorn fall into the abyss of mass retribution/sweet just accountability and painful responsibility. And IT has a SMARTR Mind of its own and AIdDevelopments and The Almighty HyperRadioProActive Algorithm ensures and assures and insures the Future against the Failures of the Past perverting the Present.

Words Create Command and Control and Crash Test Worlds. Who and/or what corporation are you following with the spinning of tall promissory tales which you believe to be an honest changed reality in which to live/survive/exist/prosper.

Deny it if you will, but the truth of the matter and the manner in which everything and everyone be remotely led is a Sublime Supreme Stealth against which resistance is futile and revealing. I Kid U Not.

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