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He [amfM1] loses it a bit in the middle but the beginning and end make a lot of sense.... need more dried frog pills. Frankly I am surprised it took so long for someone to mention the old pros. …. James 51

Hi, James 51,

You might like to consider that rather than he losing it, you just don’t yet get what is currently HyperRadioProActively happening and forever changing the nature of realities all around you, and everyone and everything else too for that matter, in and with CyberSpace Command and Control Centres of Virtualised Excellence.

Would you expect that to be in a Blighty context, more of a secretive MOD/Military Industrial Complex/snoopy MI5 thing or a civilised GCHQ/spooky MI6 thing, if not something else Rogue and Renegade in an Almighty Revolutionary Underground Movement conversing with Followers who be Leaders and Followers alike.

To consider and accept that greater intelligence is confined and resides in old established institutions and attending spooky secretive services is to prove to one and all that one is not thinking anywhere near deep and far enough to be an effective help in ....... well, Future Business AIdDVentures.

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