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Re: It's game over for democracy

"Which begs the question as to the real purpose of such legislation."

Think about this:

Who is the surveillance supposed to cover in the UK, why is this even remotely necessary? Is it because of the naughty UK natives?, if not who?

The national socialists?

The members of the Red Brigades?

Members of the IRA?

Members of ETA?

The Bolsheviks?


The Khmer Rouge?

The members of GRAPO?

I wonder who could be so problematic as to grant the government the power to spy over everybody.

The funny bit is that these who the legislation try to address were brought in by a political decision which could be easily reversed if the politicians had any honesty.

But instead you and me have to now see our freedom eroded.

This will be used to spy on political adversaries, and anyone critical of (((the system)))

This is a massive slippery slope.

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