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Saying NO to the GOVT

"I don't think these companies are going to bend over backwards just because the UK government says they have to weaken their stuff... I can't see it happening."

GOVT: dear company. you have not complied with the law regarding giving us backdoor access to user X.

COMPANY: we are not a British based company so will not be complying with your demands.

GOVT: you are not allowed to sell your product in the UK your UK assets are frozen your UK Directors are being held on Remand while we investigate, UK offices closed, servers shut off, Nominet domains suspended and you will pay 10% of your global profits as a fine every 24 hours you do not comply.

GOVT: telcos you are ordered to block all traffic to these IP addresses, domains and any other technical resources belonging to company X and respond to any requests with the statement " Company X is blocked as requested by the GOVT they are being investigated for a Criminal breach of their legal responsibilities in assisting the GOVT in protecting the Country and its Citizens"

Company: But its not technically possible to give you the information its e2e encryption.

GOVT: thankyou for your comment but you are in breach of the law its not our fault you ignored your legal responsibility when designing and selling your service/product for sale in the UK, For your records So far your fines for the last 24 hours have paid for 10 nurses, 2 x F35 aircraft and 1 days foreign aid budget. and the MP's annual pay rise. we await your response, please take as long as you need as you are helping the GOVT balance the Budget and trade deficit.

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