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Are banking communications networks covered with banks as the carriers

I would think that banking technology providers in the UK will be required to build all bank security technology with back doors. Does this mean that no international companies should use or purchase UK provided, owned or developed Banking software. This would also apply to the entire blockchain space. I suggest that Level 39 and all of the tech providers should immediately announce their plans to move to Ireland as a PR stunt and let's see how long these plans continue. It just requires an appropriately worded British dry humor PR that articulates how due to governments desire to eliminate cyber security we have no choice but to explore a move of the corporate office to Dublin. ( or even worse Paris) ......... This is a legal space that will bend to economic blackmail performed out in the open. A great example has been the protests in North Carolina to stupid bathroom laws. These are stupid encryption laws. Over the top is here to stay and we are building the foundations to make the crypto strong, embedded, and part of everyday services. The economy that will win is the one that figures out this new model of subscriber-service provider globally and build the first multi-billion customer secure global digital empire. BT is to focused on pension programs to be a player anymore.

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