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i vote for Radio Re: Then there is"old school" communication...

everything that is old is new again, or can be. we use 2 way radio for off-net comms.

so liberating, no data plans, wifi, spam, daily recharges, junkmail, cat videos, updates,

works anywhere, (comparitavely) low tech, decentralized, fun,.

thankfully Lumberjack shirted, mustachioed, cowboy hat wearing CB died in the 80s,

now it's accessible, license free, shiny new sets and PC programmable etc, empty space.

it's becoming time to make off-grid comms fashionable again.

even (none CB) cheap $20 FM chinese UHF walkie talkies usually ship with some basic encryption in.

plenty of high tier hi tech TDMA or CDMA ex mil stuff available too.

All those empty channels waiting to carry comms, around towm, around the country or even globe (occasionally) too bad it doesn't carry cat videos and share 'Like' buttons or it may have caught on already.. most people dont actually care. We do on here, most dont. we will have to work 'round it.

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