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Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Apps, phones ? sacrifice your convenience & habits & share less.

seems to be a few people talking about apps and phones.

If you cared abour privacy, you won't use a smartphone.

no smartphone, no app.

i know cell companies can and do track everything on their networks.

they *have to* yes, even ancient 2g Nokia phones, you know,

the ones where the battery only lasted a week.

But people buy smartphones and move their focus of paranoia at the apps.

No. focus on the OS and the hardware itself. see the bigger picture, and

don't buy a smartphone, well, not expecting privacy. You can't realistically disappear,

but you can share a bit less info, so don't buy smartphones, smart TVs, IOS, Android or any OS

you cant or dont trust enough to slimdown, debloat, tighten up and more, or stop fooling yourself.

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