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Apple meet Corer

FBI Director Comey (re: I DID NOT screw over Hillary Clinton. It was purely professional and I came away slightly nauseated!) essentially frothed at the mouth during his open Congressional Oversight Committee hearing this week concerning Apple and encryption. He all but openly labeled Apple an "enemy of state security." During his remarks, it was made quite clear that both he as FBI director, and the Republican leaders of the Oversight Committee, will move forcefully and purposely to deal with the problem of backdoor-less encryption.

Please remember that Our Trumpeter-in-Chief and his Pygmy Bigot *, Attorney General of the US Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, have long ranted that all Human Rights are "contingent on State security" and they have a new portfolio of security safeguards. Encrypted communications is top of the list to eliminate (excepting Corporate & Shareholder Financial Data, of course.)

* JBS has no overt prejudice against those of the Pygmy persuasion, as there are too few in Alabama to fear/resent/oppress. He only resembles the pygmy.

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