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Jeez, we'll do something about Facebook murder vids, moans Zuckerberg


Google aren't much better. They make a lot of money from the freetard business model, but they're actually quite vulnerable to having their search revenue legislated out of existence in some parts of the world. Google do at least make stuff - Android (another area where they face serious legal difficulties related to monopoly positions), and you can actually pay for online services from Google (though why you'd want to is another matter)

If I may add I agree with everything you wrote apart from the above. Many businesses / schools use Google Hardware (Chromebooks) and software - ChromeOS, Android and pay for it. ChromeOS Chromebooks are probably the safest operating systems commerically avaliable for the mass market as an end device. Why would people pay for G suite? Have you ever used it? The collab features are hands down the best offering in the Enterprise market and office stuff is 80%+ of what businesses need for their staff.

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