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Rob D.

Re: Encryption is not made "illegal"

> but you, an app developer, will be [in trouble]

Is that correct? From the PDF, "A technical capability notice imposes obligations on a telecommunications operator or postal operator in order to", implies that this could not be applied to an app developer per se, although it could be applied to an app delivered by a telco or postal operator.

There may be more to read in the full act et al, but I didn't see anything applying to individuals. Although that could be the next logical step.

Regardless of the scope though, this proposal does appear to place an obligation on telcos etc to undermine the fundamental security of the communication systems they provide in a manner that can eventually be subverted by ne'er-do-wells. I did particularly like the obligation to design for the hacking of any supplied equipment, "1. To provide and maintain the capability for interference with equipment to be carried out, for the purpose of obtaining communications, equipment data or any other information ..."

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