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Here we go again

Facebook is ugly, because people are ugly. Like the band Slipknot says; People == Shit.

There are plenty of interesting and informative and entertaining things in the world, and if you avoid Facebook you would miss none of them. When they fail to provide a separate place to cater to the type of folks who really understand and enjoy things that were like the old alt.tasteless USENET group, then you're going to have problems.

Just make a part of Facebook for idiots and creeps, and another for regular people who just want to like your breakfast. Same thing with Twitter; carve out a place for the weirdos, the racists, the conservatives who claim to hate big government and love billionaires and big government, sports assholes, gun-dicks, gay bikers, lesbian hair gel aficionados, etc. Just make some smaller spaces for people to play and stop trying to be the fucking "global village." Global Village was a modem. It's dead. Leave it rot, idiots.

If you're such a frickin' baby that you need constant contact and approval from other idiots, you are not going to find solace on Facebook. And the Twitters of the world would have me return, if I can do my thing on a subset of their network. I don't want my crap sent to the world, just other weirdos. Is that too much to dev and roll out? Me thinks not. Perhaps charge a token payment to keep true shitheads off the service altogether. There are some people no one needs to hear from, ever.

The Zucks of the world can't figure out how to do that because it goes against their ideal global village where everyone shares stuff for free so advertisers, and the Zuck, can make money off of those jackasses, but at the same time pretend to give two shits about them. I don't. Zuck should try reality for a while. That VR headset is squashing what's left of his brain.

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