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Jeez, we'll do something about Facebook murder vids, moans Zuckerberg

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Anonymous Coward

So Zuck says it's heart breaking.

I actually find that offensive from someone who clearly doesn't care.

If he did then the first time any of the things mentioned in the article happened he would have done something straight away without being called out by the press and politicians to act. This is all down to money and shareholders, Facebook like any big corporation will only spend money when absolutely forced to.

Now we have 7,500 people moderating an active user base of 1.86 Billion, that's 1 person for every 248000 users and how many of the 7,500 can speak multiple languages?

So I reiterate my first point he doesn't care and is doing the bare minimum they can get away with.

After thinking about it I really don't see a way this can be fixed.

Sure you could throw 100,000 people at moderation but it's not enough 1 per 18600. (I think I got my math right here?)

Even then you are relying on a flawed reporting system, not every report is going to genuine, not every report is going to be something that needs to be removed.

Lets say you go with algorithms, great but then what happens when a film like "Suicide Squad" comes out or people start discussing a murder in local news?

I think the only way is to ban Facebook.

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