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I got a set of Plantronics Bluetooth headphones for US$54. If you can afford an iPhone 7, you can get a pair of these and not break the bank. I am sticking with the 6s+ for a few more years, just to do it, but the kid has a 7s+ and is quite fond of it. The lack of a headphone jack did not stop the purchase for them. And I don't really use the jack very much, other than using headphones at work "so I can listen to my music as a reasonable volume between the hours of 9 and 11."

Speaking of Mac, I just picked up the mid-range Mac Mini to replace an almost fully functioning older Mini, and it's quite a good upgrade. Compared to the old one it is shorter and wider, but it has yet to cast off heat like the old one does. The lack of a Super Drive does not matter, external USB drives are dirt cheap. The only thing is trying to introduce my media library, in the form of a copy of my Kodi library, to iTunes. It was not as smooth as it worked last summer. I think it may be confused by having a cloud backup, then trying to do a local backup over that and before syncing iTunes to the cloud first. Who knows? It should be fine once it syncs locally. My new PS4 is doing much better. The ability to download updates and other junk while playing another game or watching streams is good. The Xbox360 was such a pain in the ass about such things. Many times we were thwarted from playing an already installed game due to not having an OS update, download, reboot, download, reboot again, and then an update for the game, download, wait, why am I playing this thing again? It was pretty easy to pick that over the Xbox One, despite the clever marketing via the South Park Black Friday Trilogy.

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