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Basically, imagine a manager and a PA. When the manager can give read only access to non private flagged items in his mailbox to his PA, and full access to add edit or delete his calendar in $NotOutlook without requiring the slightest bit of technical knowledge then Outlook can go.

There are email clients that don't do this? Evolution has been able to do it for some time, and my older tablet and my technophobe mate have the ability to read and alter my calendar, hosted on owncloud (I currently use gmail for mail but that'll change again in the coming months once I have some money to through at a machine so I can resurrect my own email server). Took him all of a couple of minutes to understand "click on calendar, click on mine, right click on day to create an event OR right click on event to modify it". He even manages to handle Lightening and it's annoying "re-notify you a dozen times for past events" stuff. I'd change him to Evolution but as it doesn't look exactly like Thunderbird (which he got initially at great protest when his windows machine became so often and so badly hosed he was given the options of Linux or paying someone else to fix it) .

I keep hearing "you must have outlook for business" but I'm yet to see a solid case for it. I don't mean some twat MS lover saying nothing does what they need but real actual features that outlook has that others don't (I mean aside from the obvious security holes and allowing virus code to be put into the subject line and so on that outlook does).

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