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Actual impact & securing a network against this...

So, for those of us who actually get paid to manage networks and are looking carefully at what sort of a threat this is...

My understanding is that you can't create a form in your copy of outlook and then email it to the target and have it work. The attacker first has to have full access to my users copy of Outlook, write the attack code and then save it as a draft, and then get the user to open that draft. In my environment this would require that the local machine already be compromised, so the threat to me from this is effectively zero.

But in other environments you could potentially access office 365 instead of the local machine and do the dirty work there, and the next time the user logs in then they get compromised. If I'm reading that right then it's a threat to 365 users using hosted exchange hence the bit about 2FA on logins.

Or am I missing something. Comments from other professionals welcome?

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