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Apple fanbois are officially sheeple. Yes, you heard. Deal with it


Apple as a company operates on a lock in basis. BMW operate in a similar way and so do Samsung. Simply put they make it easy for you to stay with their products, but difficult to move to another manufacturers product. Now this makes good sense as a business strategy, but for the customers who bought into them it means that they will carry on paying over the odds for something that many others are getting much cheaper. It's the same kind of thing as with your Insurance renewal. They almost always hike the price as it is perceived by many as easier to just renew even if it costs £100 more. Those on the inside of a lock-in feel smug as they feel (and are often told) that they have a superior product. Those on the outside see that those inside are paying more for pretty much the same thing as anyone else and therefore see them as sheeple.

If you buy locked in products, renew your insurance without shopping around, and vote for what the press tell you to vote for, YOU ARE Sheeple! Baaaaaaaaaaaaa

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