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David Tallboys

Dual SIM 2g 4g Archos - but is android

As usual I'm late to the party, but for 80 quid at Dixons at the airport a few months ago I bought a Helium 50 by Archos

This is dual sim - one is 2g the other 4g.

So what? Well, you can fit your 3g/4g data slurping sim for when you want data, but switch the 3g/4g sim off and have just 2g for receiving calls. Then turn the 3g/4g back on when you want.

The battery seems to last ages now with only 2g on - (thanks to an El Reg reader who pointed this out apropos something else).

Sure, the camera and sound aren't as good as a 600 pound phone, and for some reason it won't run NavMii - but for most data stuff it seems OK. And no Facebook built in.

I like my key board HTCs but age and eye sight mean a large screen is good for me.

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