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So—why not a flip?

This just deepens my puzzlement about why the flip (clamshell) form factor hasn't returned bigtime.

Yes, I know that for a decade manufacturers and marketurds have slavishly followed Apple's vulnerable-slab-of-glass approach, but Samsung's half-hearted efforts aside, no one seems to have stood back and said: "Wait a mo: we could do flip-phone really, really well now".

The advantages remain obvious:

* Protecting the single most expensive vulnerabilty, the screen, when not in use (and even when in use for making those old fashioned phone call things, if you like)

* Double the amount of available console (input+output) area in an instant—in this case, the keyboard could have been nicely sized without compromising the screen, but the possibilities are almost endless

* Miniaturisation has come so far that everything from feature- to really powerful smart-phone could be implemented in a wide variety of sizes and overall designs

* Supplementary user aids include flip answering/closing calls; having a low power notifications display on the exterior; using voice/BT/whatever to make and receive calls without even touching the phone, let alone opening it ... lots of opportunities here

* Most important, you can make it innately more robust than anything with a screen smeared all over its exterior, which, if you think about, its a bit daft.

Make sure you add a headphone socket, removable battery, memory card slots etc, and you have a potential set of winners that you could spread across a broad range of physical sizes, features, screen sizes etc—and for the market segment that wants it, a good way to implement a really oustanbding keyboard.

Why not?

PS—Maybe even a market for VR-specialty flips: using both inner surfaces as HD+ screens, the (potentially vanishingly narrow, if Samsung were on the case) bezel in the middle rendered irrelevant with a goggle attachment ... reinforcing my frustrated point that flip offers vast possibilities and flexibility, and is nowhere to be seen while the lemmings keep pumping out Apple clones.

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