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BigJohn's hypotheticals are beside the point, as well as generally incorrect.

- Trump did, indeed, get fewer votes than Clinton. There is no rational basis to doubt that. Yet Clinton won a majority of the vote in 13 states and the District of Columbia, and a plurality in 7 more. Trump won a majority of the votes in 23 states - nearly half - and a plurality in 7 more, and a clear majority of the presidential electors. That makes him the President. Legitimately, by the only standard that applies.

- Any suggestion of discouraged Trump voters in California and New York (and a number of others) has to meet the opposing suggestion of discouraged Clinton voters in a number of other states. But in any case, hypothetical votes do not count.

- The claim that more than a few handfuls of aliens or othewise unqualified people voted has no reliable support. It is pure fake news.

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