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I live in Califiornia, John. I travel, and have friends, all over the state. The only person I know who voted for the current idiot-in-chief is my FIL[0]. Of the people who didn't vote, not one claims they would have voted for Trump. I have no idea where all these supposed "Trump supporters from California who didn't bother to vote" are hiding. I've never met one. Perhaps it is ::whisper it:: FakeNews?

If you have proof of illegal voting anywhere, post it or retract your statement. It just makes you sound like more of a sycophant than usual. And a paranoid one, to boot. It's unbecoming.

As a side note, traditionally the "migrant" population, when naturalized, vote Republican here in California. It's a Catholic thing. So if there WAS any illegal voting on the kind of scale you are suggesting, it would have probably been in Trump's favo(u)r.

[0] And he regrets it deeply.

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