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@ S-Raven - The electoral college was sewn into the framework for US elections not only because in that day you actually had to pay taxes to vote, but because there were so many parties to choose from. The forefathers wisely came up with the college to prevent just what happened to the Weimar Republic when they had too many parties to make a quorum possible during a national election. This made Hitler's rise to power possible. The US wisely avoided that, even though you folks across the pond probably see Trump as just another Hitler. There is no saying Hillary could not have been just as powerful had she won, and she did have a penchant for going after enemies with more than just Tweets and riotous speech. So who is to say whether the college is obsolete or not - only history will tell. The college was conceived long before there was a North and South identity, and even the North had slaves at the time, so I'm not sure your reasoning applied to the birth of the US nation.

It could be argued - however - that the college did delay the civil war; however once Lincoln was elected, all bets were off.

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