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Sorry, but neither the US News article nor the USA Today article to which it links -

even comes close to hinting that Gen. Powell advised Secretary Clinton to set up a private email server. There is a large difference, probably quite well understood by most who post on this site, between operating a collection of servers and using a commercial email account.

That said, it really does not matter what General Powell might have told her. There were major changes to the law, federal information processing standards, and State Department regulations between his appointment as Secretary of State in 2001 and hers in 2009. The rules governing her actions were those effective in 2009 and the following years.

The rules that applied to Secretary Clinton required that a server used to store and process government data - including email - had to be approved for the purpose by the department's certifying authority who, for the Department of State, was the CIO. The certification presumes verification of compliance with a long list of specific requirements that Secretary Clinton's servers plainly did not meet, and the CIO stated to the DoS IG that the server was not approved and would not have been if it had been requested.

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