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I have played with 4 phones over the last few years and am currently using 2 as daily drivers. 1 is a Z10 that I have had so long that the otter case is wearing out and the other is a priv. Nevertheless, when I want to do anything serious I always go back to my passport.

When I got the priv I could not believe that you couldn't open the ports for samba without rooting it (something that I had taken for granted on BB10 and that I make use of every single day [I cannot piss about in the registry on a customers computer just so I can use some bastardised version of samba on my droid]). I have warmed to android and Blackberry have done a good job of securing it, but I would go back to BB10 tomorrow if it had decent app support.

Getting music off iTunes using blackberry link was so piss poor that I wrote my own software to parse the playlists and then used rsync to dump the files across, but for my music now, it is unbeatable. Syncing to android was no better anyway.

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