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"Fox ... brought you the Tea Party" credits them far beyond what is due. They probably reported on it more approvingly than most of the other major media, which generally lean leftward in their reporting, but the movement itself originated without media help from Fox or anyone else, largely as a result of some Republicans' perception that the government was not working as they thought proper.

Nearly all news is delivered with a slant using a combination of selectivity about what is reported and which details, and use of loaded language. Many years ago the New York Times (before it had color pictures), the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal generally reported the news without notable bias. That has not been true of the NYT or Post for years. I no longer read the Journal and don't know what has happened to it under the Murdoch regime. TV news has long been better thought of as entertainment, and Fox is no worse, despite being differently slanted, than any other. The less said about the Internet the better.

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